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What’s this blog about?

The art, science and ethics of becoming a world with conscious products and brands. And other stuff.

A hundred years ago our grandparents could go to the local store and buy supplies and foods to bolster what they couldn’t grow or make for themselves at home. Sometime between then and now, many of those supplies changed dramatically in nature.

The change we’ve seen is markedly for the worse. The products we buy in the supermarket today are, on the whole, making us fat and sick. They’re killing us. Let’s talk about that.

A Little Background

A quick overview of Melody Pattison Mehta

Melody Pattison Mehta is an international brand strategist who is focused primarily on consumer brands that are or are becoming healthy, nutritious, safe, ethical and environmentally friendly. She is also working on inspiring all people to consciously influence what is offered to them on the shelves of the supermarket.

Latest Blog Posts

Thoughts on health, nutrition, ingredients, safety, the environment, government policy, and anything that influences the issues we face as we reinvent not just our supermarkets, but our way of life and relationship with the environment.

In the context of the entire history of our planet, the buying of a supermarket product remains a radical and unnatural act.

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What is a conscious brand and why should I care?

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Find out more about The Conscious Shopping List and tell us about the brands you think should be on it.

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“Doubt everything. Find your own light.”
Gautama Buddha
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Albert Einstein