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Reinventing the Supermarket

The first step to changing the world

Reinventing the Supermarket is a hub for bringing together the thinking and actions we’re going to need to re-make supermarkets into safe sources of nutritious food and personal care and household products that will not harm us or destroy our environment. This is going to take some input from people like you. While the hub can provide some inspiration, insight, tools and direction, the real work is being done every time you make a choice to buy or not to buy a product, or bother to connect with a brand to let it know why you’re changing your shopping habits, and possibly removing it from or adding it to your shopping list. You may even decide that you can design a better more conscious product and brand than those your supermarket is serving up. If so, good! The world needs you! It’s your power, and we want to help you use it.

We’re going to have to have a lot of discussions, and we want to hear from you as to the issues uppermost in your mind and solutions you think could help. Check back here regularly for new material and news. Most of all, just be involved – with your grocery shopping, the brands who make the products you buy, and with communities of caring people such as yourself!

Melody Pattison Mehta

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Shopping IS Activism

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What is a Conscious Brand?

Brands that truly care about health, nutrition, safety, ethics and the environment

Go and walk through any supermarket, and you’ll see product after product, brand after brand, singing their own praises as they call out the great features and benefits they allegedly offer the purchaser and the end-user. Sugary cereals or frozen yoghurts tout heart healthy slogans, and when eventually the industry or a key ingredient is exposed as dangerous, shift to promises of “energy”, “carbs” and “protein”. Yet unfortunately for us, with most brands, such marketing phrases are just meaningless words slapped on denatured products.