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Conscious Shopping Made Easier

Shifting to conscious shopping is something we can all do together

More and more of us are realising that our grocery shopping should revolve around fresh, organic, real foods that we can prepare at home. However that doesn’t really change just how busy we are in our everyday lives. Unless we’re prepared to make all the things we use in life, from deodorants to shampoo to washing powder, at home, there’s still a good chance we’ll need to visit the regular supermarket aisles at least on occasion. And ultimately that means putting in considerable personal time and effort to make conscious decisions on every individual product we buy.

Finding brands that are reliably doing the homework for you has always been the great underlying promise of “branding”. Here, we’ll be talking over time about what makes a “good brand”, how to influence the brands you know, and we’re developing The Conscious Shopping List to help make it all that much easier. Come back regularly or sign up for updates.

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Watch this space for tips and links helping you to identify the Conscious Brands in your supermarket.

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Am I really buying conscious brands? Things to look for in the brands you buy.

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Don’t just think about the product, think about the brand. Why knowing your top brands well is so important.

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Find out more about The Conscious Shopping List, and tell us about the brands you think should be on it!

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