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What brands should be on the Conscious Shopping List?

We Need Your Help

We’re developing a shopping list to help people everywhere to know which brands are reliable and trustworthy. It can take a lot of effort to work out exactly which brands are truly all about safety, good nutrition, sound ethics and environmental friendliness. You probably already know that claims on packaging can be misleading, and maybe you’ve already explored further to identify some brands you believe are the best choice in their category for conscious shoppers. If you have, we’d love to hear about it!

The average supermarket can have 50,000 to 70,000 products on the shelves, and no one person and small group can ever do all the footwork alone to make this list happen. Only by joining forces to develop a list together, by maintaining that list together, making that list freely available to everyone and relevant to as many regions as possible, can we reach our ultimate power as shoppers and as caring humans in the 21st century.

So please write to use at the below email address and let us know which brands you think should be on The Conscious Shopping List and why you came to that conclusion, so we can help support the good guys out there.